Monevers Storm King

Character Development

Our adventure is set in the Savage Frontier, it’s a cool rugged, sparsely populated land of snow -capped mountains, rocky hills, sprawling forests, and foggy vales. Bounded by the Sea of Swords to the west, the desert of Anauroch to the East, the Savage Forest extends far to the north and south.

Ages ago Giants and Dragons waged war over this land characters that can speak Draconic or Giant language and read dwarvish will be an asset to the party.

Our adventure begins just outside the town of Nightstone where you’ve all ran into each other along the way into town.

Your back story should include some type of the following reasons you were on your way to Nightstone:

  1. You’ve heard rumors of Goblins terrorizing Nightstone and feel obligated to help.
  2. Nightstone is a popular retreat for the wealthy.
  3. You seek to bring peace to Nightstone and their Elvish Neighbours.
  4. You consider yourself a foodie and heard the Nightstone Inn is renowned for its food and guest rooms.
  5. Some other reason related to your motives and alignment to seek out Nightstone and or it’s history

In this adventure, you will level up through completing goals, not through XP.

Making your Character

  1. Choose your Race
  2. Choose your Class, starting at level 1
  3. Determine ability scores:
    1. Roll 4x D6
    2. Drop the lowest die
    3. Add up the 3 remaining die
    4. Place that number in your first Ability Slot (Strength)
    5. Continue for each Ability
    6. If you do not have 2 or more abilities of 15 or more, start the entire process over.
  4. Determine your Ability Modifiers using the table on Page.13 of the Player Handbook
  5. Describe your Character and add it to your Profile here
  6. Choose Equipment or start with the standard equipment for your race and class.
  7. Upload all the details to Obsidian Portal


Wandering priestess is actually a thing for followers of Haela Brightaxe. Perfect!

Character Development

Yes don’t forget about your Factions!

Character Development

Had to read up on those. Order of the Gauntlet is the only one that remotely fits Riswynn.

Character Development

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